Internship Opportunities at Bridge of Hope

Intern Job Descriptions (ongoing development)


  • Work 20 hours per week at a job of their choosing
  • Work 20 hours per week at BoH
  • Arrange own housing, provide for own meals
  • One Year Commitment (unless other arrangements made)
  • Participate in the following
    • Midweek Activities – chosen based on expertise
    • Staff Meetings
    • Informal Community Relationship Building
    *MOST IMMEDIATE NEEDS – perhaps ONE person could do both, 20 hours per week in each area

*Finance / Administrative Intern - standardize processes related to ministry finances, tracking of "members", cleaning up data / files, observing / recommending streamlined systems; someone capable of jump starting things - giving leadership a just-the-facts summary

*Project Management Intern - assist with volunteer coordination; oversee communication to ministry leaders; develop project lists and priorities of projects; someone willing to walk alongside us for a while to see how we operate and suggest projects that would aid the flow of the ministry priorities / volunteers; possibly facilitate the start of a remote tutoring project

Community Centric Intern - someone who LOVES people from every conceivable background - to hang out with folks, offer direction to showers, clothing, tours, tools, gardening, willing to do it all to free Stephen up for more leadership development (this one has a little job description attached)

Bike Shop Intern - someone to open the bike room, assist with building / repairing; facilitate transportation options for our members (bikes, access to bus passes, call-a-rides, etc.)

Maintenance Intern - assist with cleaning routines; general care / maintenance of building; develop processes that could be handed off to community volunteers

Grant Writer Intern - someone versed in urban issues and community development jargon to pitch existing ministries / needs to wider funding network

Healthcare Intern - social worker of sorts to help coordinate the needs of our people with existing health care providers / services; encourage and follow up on medical appointments; assist in healthy eating / incorporating fresh produce into church dinners, etc.

Farmer Intern - assist in chicken integration into community life; gardening; bees;oversight of food preservation; develop, host and oversee workshops for education; etc.