Bridge of Hope Leadership

Board of Directors:

Finance Team
  • David Merchant (Treasurer)
  • Carol Bloss (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Michael Robinson
  • Jason Fazel
Development Team
  • Deb Wiens (Head)
  • Matt Hubbard
  • Danielle Corley
Executive / Governance Team
  • Denis Shine (Chairman)
  • Terry Weaver (Vice Chairman)
  • David Merchant (Treasurer)
  • Stephen Boda (Executive Director)
  • Robin Boda (Secretary)

Pastor Stephen T. Boda

Rev. Stephen Boda is Bridge of Hope Ministries’ executive director. Since 1992, Stephen and Robin have been a part of the north city community. Stephen has planted two churches, partnered with local urban pastors and community leaders, and founded Bridge of Hope Ministries. Stephen’s passion is to listen to the people of our community, especially those who feel unheard.Every ministry of Bridge of Hope has been birthed out of a request by our neighbors.Stephen loves to read and watch science fiction, enjoys gardening, hanging out with family, and exploring God’s beautiful creation.

Robin Boda, Director of Education

Since 1992, Robin and Stephen have been a part of the north city community. Robin has spent all of her adult life working in the field of education. While her formal education was valuable, her greatest learning comes from working with students every day and seeing how they process information. Since 2011 Hope Education, a ministry of Bridge of Hope, has provided basic education to students of all ages. Her students are her biggest heroes, many overcoming incredible fear and shame to simply enter another classroom. Robin loves to read, enjoys crocheting, laughing with her grandson, painting for relaxation, and exploring new locations with her husband.