Bridge of Hope Ministries:
A Safe Place Meeting Today's Needs for a Better Tomorrow

Bridge of Hope is located in the heart of Greater Downtown St. Louis in an area known as The Ville neighborhood. Many in our community are struggling—in need of food, clothing, shelter, education and employment. Our purpose is to bridge those needs, bringing opportunities and resources, bringing hope.(Click here to view our new video!)

Listening to Needs

Bridge of Hope Ministries seeks to come alongside individuals. We start by listening.

What is it that you need?
What is that you want?
How can we help you make these things happen?

Dreams Come When Basic Needs Are Met

Many have lost hope, but when basic needs are met, they regain the curiosity and creativity to work toward their dreams again.

We start with the most immediate needs:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter During the Day
  • Medical Assistance
  • A Shower & Place to Do Laundry
  • A Retreat/ A Quiet Place
  • A Listening Ear
  • Learning to Read

Later, we focus on finding additional abilities:

  • Getting a GED
  • Help with an Essay for College
  • A Place to Garden
  • Tool Access
  • Bike Repair
  • Brush Up on Math Skills for a New Job
  • Computer Access

Making It Happen-Making a Difference

We don't provide all the answers. But we do provide a Bridge of Hope.